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Saturday, Jan 11 2014james.yakura

It would be nice to know what goes into determining whether a connection severing succeeds.

Wednesday, Mar 26 2014mspina

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Tuesday, Dec 24 2013rwatro

To luke.small.716, thanks very much for the series of helpful suggestions. We are working on a color-blind-friendly interface and we will research your other suggestions as well.

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Saturday, Dec 21 2013luke.small.716

Evaluating the paths available, when it gets to the end of especially convoluted star shape nodes with many branches, could be helped by enabling "freezing" nodes relative to other free-flowing nodes (it could be like having two hands to stretch and manipulate the nodes to see where the branches are headed). A nice feature of fold-it was the use of "rubber-bands," where (adjustable strength) flexible bands could suspend (as in a suspension bridge) one point attached to the protein to a fixed point in space. I'm a little color-blind, it would be nice to have a menu where there are multiple color alternatives. The dark blue and purple can look very similar. It would be nice to have a (mouse-over?) mechanism to highlight-toggle the branches that are disconnection options; so that when I want to flesh-out a disconnection, I don't have to remember which branch it was when I scroll around the map and come back. You could have a text popup that could identify the color of a branch upon mouse-over. Colored branches can be difficult to spot through the "disconnection possibility fog," so that it becomes necessary to zoom in; to properly identify them. It would be easier to see if it was somehow animated; maybe by the branch width expanding and contracting. It might be neat to mouse-over a node and have its branches have a chasing animation and/or highlight the connecting nodes. Additionally the connecting node(s) could also have a chasing animation on the node itself to clearly show whether it is on the sending or receiving end of the mouse-over node.

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